Decentralized Network VS Artificial Intelligence

These days I’ve read the book Out of Control written by kevin kelly. I was impressed with the idea that a Decentralized Network can form into a complex and functional system, just like multiple tiny unconscious bees can behave like a conscious monster, with only simple and inner tuition from each individual.

Based on this point, I designed a game, in order to make a contrast between Decentralized Network and Artificial Intelligence. The game looks like below:

屏幕快照 2015-10-20 15.18.53

Looks quite stupid… But in order to not scare the audiences, I designed the whole game in the Mcdonald style. Basically, there will be many French Fries dropped from sky, the robot-arm, which is controlled by Artificial Intelligence, will automatically move and pick-up the French Fries. The behavior of Ronald is controlled by the audiences. Each audience has a red paper, if someone think the Ronald should go right, he or she should lift the red paper; if someone think the Ronald should go left, he or she then should drop the paper, just like the pictures shows below:

屏幕快照 2015-10-23 01.12.21

At the beginning, the Decentralized Network need to get familiar with the game, thus they performed not so good. But after a while, they get know how to corporate, though they can’t control the behaviors of other people, the Ronald performed much better, and get more French Fries than ever before, some people even trying to perform like the “Center”, by shouting words like “left”,”right”,”up!up!”…

Though in the two minutes, the Decentralized Network still lost the game, it is a fun experiment towards those two concepts. The Video can be viewed below (And a better version will be provided some days after):

DN VS AI from Fengyuan Zhu on Vimeo.