Candidate. The name list can be found in the link below. 

LEGO2NANO is an open-source projects aiming to develop a low-cost and easy-to-use Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). The goal is to make AFMs accessible to schools, so that schoolchildren can learn about nanoscience in the best way possible: by doing their own experiments.


Figure 1. The group photo for all candidates

The project was formed with undergraduate and PhD students from Tsinghua and Peking Universities and University College London. During the project, students worked together to construct the hardware for the instrument, write software to control the scanning movement of the AFM needle, and create a user interface.


Figure 2. Apparatus and the AFM GUI

As one of the member in the software group, my work is to develop the AFM GUI. The GUI was based on python. My contributions are:

  1. Port Communication based on the COM services between AFM GUI to Arduino Board, the core of LEGO2NANO AFM
  2. Data reading and transformation from the Arduino board
  3.  Data-fitting to eliminate the sloping of samples in order to get a flat and available picture.
  4. Scanning- Speed adjustment function for different resolution
  5. Re-design the GUI in order to make it more friendly to high school students

Though the projects are open-source, it is not available to public due to several reasons. But the public version will be released soon and will be published on the following website: