Shooting Star


Candidates: Zhu Fengyuan, Xu Tongda, Luo Yang, Wang Anqi, Zhang Cunjun, Zhang Fengjie

My work: Product management, cheif software designer, hardware designer

This is a multiplayers’ game based on an interactive table surface. The game origins from the game Breakout clone. Instead of facing on a screen and play along, we re-designed all the staffs and make it possible for many people to play.

In the game, people are divided into two teams, one team is aiming to lighting all the tangible-stars, and another team is aiming to darken all of them. The comet (like the ball in the Breakout clone) is virtue, but other items are all tangible and such that will make the game full of fun. Items like black holes, space crafts are applied, and the rules can be setted both by the system and the players, make the whole game full of freedoms and much more like happened in the physical world.

In the technology part, the game is organized based on the TUIO protocol, all the visual-effects are real-time generated, make it more easily to connected into the real world. All the tangible-objects are designed without any wireless communication to the computer, instead, we make a light-communication, that is, the screen get the information of the objects by optical tags, and the objects react by the facula generated by screen. Makes all the staffs be easily transplant into other platforms.

 黑洞_perspective 灯泡_explode 挡板_explode

Designs for the Tangible Objects





Real-effects of the game