T.E.S.T.-Tangible Experiment Simulation & Training Project

Candidates: Zhu Fengyuan, Xu Tongda, Luo Yang, Wang Anqi, Zhang Cunjun, Zhang Fengjie

My work: Product management, cheif software designer, hardware designer


This is an Education-Kit for the beginner to study circuit based on the dataflow logic. Since most of the beginners will lose lots of time and make dangerous mistakes when trying to make the circuit when make the linkage between different objects, we designed this system. All the input/output objects are still in the physical space, but the linkage, analysis and reacting part are merged into the information world.

Based on this logic, we make the whole system. All input parts are sourceless and output parts are based on the light-control such that the whole system is quite robust and able to transplant easily. And we tested the whole system into the primary school, find it is proper for the beginners to learn the circuit, not only for its convience, safe, but also quite fun and be able to attracts students because of its fast actuation to operate.


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