[week4] reading response

Postscript on the Societies of Control – Gilles Deleuze

This article pointed out one of the current situation on the capitalism. After huge organizations take control of one industry, people will lose their identification, become just one part of the big machine.

Like the Silicon Valley, like school to the company, like the government, once you’ve tagged by your title, everything related to your unique despair. What you are expected are ruled, and that is self-driven, not under the law.

I hate those kinds of destiny. That’s the reason why I quit my physics and come to ITP.

But still, I can’t escape from the society, since I’m living in this society. I need to face those organized people, kindly “reach the expectation from others”

Luckily, since those things are well organized, you can so easily to understand those people’s need, desire, and expectation. Based on that, you can try to find how to satisfy their needs by tons of simple behavior.

That is to “behave” yourself in the front of other people, and do your own work in your offline time.

Those work can be in small group, or individual, kindly escaping from that “prison groups”, maybe you can get that safety feelings of you are not kidnapped.

But in most of the situation, you are just kidnapped into another group.

I hope I can stay myself in future. To be a real person, or to behave before thinking the expectation, might be the only way to stay your identification at this age.

The Question Concerning Technology

While I’m reading, I believe this book must be written by a philosopher, and after I wiki him, oh yeah, one of the philosopher in Germany, late 20th.

As a person who takes Nature Science background during the undergraduate, and doing the tech work in his life, I must say: please, using your philosophy mind in some daily life problem, but please, leave the tech and science to the engineers and the scientists, don’t do the thinking work not belongs to you and write down them to pollute other people’s mind, please just save your time and thinking something more related to human’s feeling.

Basically speaking, this guy messed up those concepts together, which, make this article so long and hard to understand:

  1. Scientific Research, which he also messed up some sub-category, as:
    1. Experiment based, evidence collection logic based research, in inductive way to get results
    2. Thinking based, consumption and under strict rules, not based on HUMAN’s ROUGH LANGUAGE, deductive way to get results
  2. Engineering innovation, under those driven power:
    1. Replacement of massive labor, in the efficient aspects, mostly for the needs of basic needs
    2. Efficient, or improvement of existing needs
    3. Exploring the unknown human needs, mostly for the curiosity, or entertainment requirement
  3. Normal Manufactory progress, under those driven power:
    1. Efficient and productive driven
    2. Fixing bugs and errors

I’m sorry I don’t want to read that philosopher article at all.