[midterm]JS Canvas Library

So for my midterm, I just make this thing work: I want to make a site which I can easily upload my JS canvas projects and easily add/delete everything. With a dynamic hosting page.

Things can be views here:

The structure of the file is straightforward easy.

The node modules included:

  • Express
  • Body-Phrase
  • EJS
  • MongoJS

The style sheet included the bootstrap for form and a DIY Nav bar

The logic is so straightforward

  1. The navigation bar is a partially rendered stuff for all ejs, which is dynamic and can expand itself
  2. when uploading a stuff, a JSON file will be transferred into the database
  3. The main.ejsĀ hold the page both with the js path and information
  4. Delete is not visible in the navigation bar, will delete the JSON based on the environment
That’s it.