[week4] database & Midterm

So for this week, I added up the DB, which finally make this string can be saved

And also, I added a clean-up function, which will delete all the Data I’ve held, for test usage.

For the midterm, I’m thinking I should establish a database for my Nature of Code class later, like that:

The logic will be:

  1. An uploading page, enter Title, generate the new Title on the left, and randomly choose an existing canvas to render
  2. Based on Title, the page will try to find the js file with same name, rendering it on canvas
  3. if 2 == false, try to loading the html file under same name
  4. if 2==false & 3 == false, load a preset page to say sorry
  5. in ‘/clean’, I can delete the target page based on the title

That’s the plan