Project Cardboard AR

Updated on Sep 15th, 2016

We’ve go through the Provisional patent of the AR glass, this one looks like this:

img_20160625_210206.Literally speaking, we applied a steroscope and a DIY Unity Code to make it possible for running the 3D images with your phone.

The design looks like below:

middle-stage1 put-phone-in


Which is also foldable and can serve for both VR/AR solutions.

AR world is comming soon.


Updated on March 1st, 2016

For the last week, I made something based on Peppers’ ghost, like the video showed below:

Since We need to settle ourselves to be the same level of the screen, one point just hitted me: Why not make a cardboard AR glass instead just keep everything locally, just like the popular VR glasses goes:

IMG_20160220_194919-3So I drawed the drafts, and to make the phone being possible to kept below the cardboard

cardboard AR


The first prototype looks quite good, like this:


The video can be found here:

cardboardAR from Fengyuan Zhu on Vimeo.