Business Card


For the Business Card, there are several things really annoy me every time, including:


1. It is hard to remember the owner’s face only with a name card

2. The paper-based name card always easily bent and wrinkled all times

3. It is hard to make the information from the name card into electric-one

4. It is useless when you get a business card

Based on that, I use the wood to create my name card. I compared the thickness of all the materials, decided to make a business card based on 3/32 inches thick, with the laser cut

The Font I use here goes from very thick into very tidy, in order to make the distinct between information. The Title is just a line to divided all the informationsnamecards-01

In the back, I put my QR here, easily generate an information which can store into your mobile phone, and I designed several kinds, hope to make the business-card still functional after scanning.

namecards-03 namecards-04 namecards-05 namecards-06