[week 2] Populate + Reflow & BOM

Populate & Reflow

For the homework staffs, we should to make the Infra-Red Control board. But unfortunately I lost that parts. Since I still have something can do, so I just made the board of the HTC VIve Sensor, the staffs like the below pics:


For the whole projects, all the BOM, schematic files can be found in the link below:


Since the whole project is done under Altuim Design, I asked some of my friend to get the AI file works for stencil. After Laser cut, I use 10% power + 10% speed to raster the film, and get the stencil as below:


The left one is something wrong with the set-ups

Then I marked everything based on the Schematic and Bom, like below:


Then assembling and heating as we needed. For a special procedure on the U1, I use a needle and microscope to clean up all the unwanted paste

img_20160917_195350 img_20160917_200617

And the final results works awesome, and can catch the data from Vive Lighthouse, which should be enough to do anything we want.