[Week 1] PCom Renew Project

I want to re-make this sword from my last PCom projects to be fully functional with a DIY PCB boards. This staffs looks like this video shows:

Sword Test from Fengyuan Zhu on Vimeo.

And also, it is served for a game called BoomChaCha, and works as a warrior’s character‘s control. In order to get all things work, it has a GY-85 IMU module, 5 LEDs for it’s performance visualization, an Arduino for events-hold and an xBee module to report staffs back.

The links for all the parts are as below:

  • GY-85 9-axies sensor
  • xBee Serial 2
  • Battery
  • Arduino Uno (Can be a core parts later)
  • 5 LEDs

And the linkages are as below:


Sorce Code available here:

Download (ZIP, 1KB)