Video & Sound First Project

This is the first project of my sound-project

Instead of doing something brand new, here I choose to remix a bgm called “上海红茶馆” from the Game  The Embodiment Of Scarlet Devil Gameplay

The reason for me to do that is based on the reading materials we have went through last week, since it is difficult to figure out the difference between plagiarism and re-creation. Or for the questions below:

“What’s the difference”

“Where is the difficulty”

“Who do I need to ask”

“What should I do”

The game is just as belows:

Basically, this game is ten years ago, means bgm insides are pretty “MIDI”, I mean, like the below one:

Like the sound in last century right?


Though the game is an individual game(under the society but not under a commercial company), they have made formal explanation of re-creation (Or Secondary Creation by their words). The links are as below:

Legally speaking, they make a distinguish between secondary usage and secondary creation. Based on that, they defined the people in three groups: individual, amateur-society and commercial company. For different people with different usage, they make a detailed explanation. And I encourage people who is interested about the remix rules to have a look on that.

Raw MIDI Material

Since the game is designed by Visual Studio, it is easy to hack the game and detract all the materials I need. But in the license file, it is forbidden by the author.

So instead of getting the file I from game, I got connected with the owner of the thwiki, one of the people who has done a lot for the remix. He gave me the files I need, meanwhile told me that the author has gave him the permission to distribute them to amateurs but not for commercial needs. It takes me about 2 days to connect with that person.


Basically, to remix the MIDI in Logic Pro X, not so difficult, just to adjust all the staffs you want.


That’s it.