Optical Holography Using a Plasmonic Metasurface


This project is aiming to design a special plasmonic structure on special materials to generate holographic images. It forms the fundamental basis of the applied hologram with lower cost, better performance and programmable image. The principles is of the phase-shift phenomenon of the nanorods with a special angle of incidence.

The basic steps are as follows:

  1.  Generate a 3D model by program, the size of the initial graph will be ~100nm scales
  2.  Calculate the phase information and generated the hologram image via FDTD solutions
  3. Using electron fabrications to make the structure of metasurface, with ~100nm nanorods in lenth, for a 800*800 resolutions
  4. Set up the observation optical apparatus to make the special incidence.

Since the director of the laboratory forbid me to speak out the detailed information of our work, so what I can show here is only the basic information and the principle of our work. This work will be done recently and may have chances of being published.

*Figure 6 is from outside reference:

Huang L, Chen X, Mühlenbernd H, et al. Three-dimensional optical holography using a plasmonic metasurface[J]. Nature communications, 2013, 4