Updates: We demoed our Holokit in SIGGRAPH 2017, the demo video can be found here
For more information, please visit: https://holokit.io

Hololens wins a huge success in Mixed Reality. But because of its significant high price, it is too difficult for individual people to make any mixed reality projects based on that.

After I got my personal hololens, I figured out how it works in its optical way, find it actually possible to make a mobile-phone based version Hololens, in a cardboard look like the style. And after I got my Tango, and with current days ARKit and ARCore, together with the manomotion for gesture detection, everything was done. That is Holokit, an open source mixed reality system for everyone.

The structure is super straight-forward, like the staffs below:

But the feeling of usage is very good since it has a much wider Field of View than hololens, and since everything is based on mobile phone, all modules are easy to use.

Key Features as:

  • Open-source, and low-cost structure design
  • Based on Mobile phone, easy to get development work done
  • Multiplayer supported, Gesture detection supported, Inside-out tracking supported