[3-minute] Presentation Prepare for staffs

What is it?

We are making a piece of inter-Stella travel.

Our story based on a new finding of NASA, which is to say, there exists a planet around the Proxima Centauri , which is so close to our earth (only four light years). We hyposis that creatures and civic already exists on that planet, and thus, the Inter-Stella travel between our earth and that planet becomes possible and reasonable since it is “so close”.

Unlike traditional story telling, rather than making human beings go to visit that planet,  we decided to make the alien towards our earth. In that arrangement, the audience will get everything from unfamiliar to familiar, which will possibly make the audience more feelings of “what means if other civic can visit us”

It should be a half-story telling staffs I think

Refined Takeaway Sentence

An Inter-stella journey of Alien from 4 light-year away

Raw Emotion Keywords

Universe Space, Unknown world, how small and powerless we are

Rough Storygraph