Robot Car

Results and Visual Effects

For this two weeks, I designed a robot car, with very simple two wheel structures. And I also take xBee such that it can be controlled remotely.

The video looks like that:

remote controlled car from Fengyuan Zhu on Vimeo.

The car looks like that:


And I applied a long-time exposure, and got amazing results. They looks like that:

6B1A2303 6B1A2305 6B1A2306 6B1A2309

Fabrication Process

First, I got wheel-sets from Amazon, they looks like that:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 2.53.51 AM

Based on that, I made the two wheel car. Like the video shows:

I just simply pick up some materials from junk area, draw a base, and set up the lines, Arduino, battery, and add two wood blocks for fixing the wheel and make the base and top together


You can notice I use xBee for wireless communication

For the top panel, I set up 5 LEDs, each of them can be individually controlled

10.pic 11.pic

In the bottom, I set up two screws to keep balance


That’s it