In order to get a heavy and balanced flywheel, most of people will directly choose metal to process.

For me, I was inpired by the gyroman projects, like below:


Notice that in the flywheel, the author put lots of coins in order to weight the wheel. Which was quite smart and low cost.

So I went to Bank, require 5 dollars’ peny


Cut a wood wheel with CNC, making lot of holes to put the coins


Final results looks like this:


Here are some thoughts:

  1. It is a good way to make a heavy wheel, with a simple and low cost way (yes, directly use money can save your cost)
  2. It is easier to keep the weight outside the wheel, if needed
  3. It won’t be a balanced way, because most of the penys are not as the same weight and size, because of corruption and worn out during usage.

That’s it.