The truth of society, drama, and our life

Several days before, one news happened in China. One of the most famous Chinese actor Bao Beier holds a wedding and another female actress Liu Yan happened to be one of the bridesmaids. The groomsmen (Wong Cholam, Han Geng, and friends) got so carried away and tried to dunk her into a swimming pool nearby. But they were eventually blocked by Liu Yan’s heavy weight friend, also one of the bridesmaids for the day.


It was no doubt that those groomsmen confessed a sexsual violence to Liu Yan, because Liu Yan was unwillingly being touched, lifted and fleshed among people and camera. But during the wedding, no one think it is abnormal. Even after the wedding, Bao posted a blog, to say “We are all engaging an only-one time in life moment, and we just hope everyone to have an joyful time together.” “We were just joking”.

These points hitted the public, tons of critics were generated towards those groomsmen. But they still thought “they are not guilty, just kidding to the girl.”

Ironic part is, in order to keep the peace and harmony, the word “feminist” was forbidden in Weibo(Chinese version twitter) after this event, make all the youngs felt “being f**ked by the government” again.


For the news above, most of the audience will feel angry or at least, improper or embarrassed. But during the wedding, most of the people just keep in that “joyful joking”, conformed to an “existing standard” of “during wedding everything should be just for joy”. The atmosphere and the stereotype just influenced everyone, and keep them even away from basic logics. Such that tragedy happens, even everyone actually thought something strange.

These phenomenon actually happens in our daily life. Academically, you can find explanations from Asch Conformity Experiments and lots of other experiment related to Cognitive Dissonance. The individual freedom will be easily lost, in a social environment, a strange but widely accepted culture atmosphere will influence people’s behavior, and can be even in a country-scale riot, just like “Red Revolution” happened in China


Back to the article, it is actually “culture” kidnap the audience. Most of the audiences expected a beaten enemy, and such that Hitler reached this expectation of “perfect enemy”, so any regulation, explanation during the drama is forbidden — It is not a rational time, and rational discussion only happens in a small scale of high level people.


Ironically, “Political Correct” kidnap the current American culture, make anything supported towards Asian Male, White Male is improper and make anything supported towards African American(yes we can’t say Black) and female to be justice, in a social scale, with a stereotype and just make lots of new tragedies like Peter Liang. Personally, social is just a big live show, and if in a social scale, people are just lazy and willing to be kidnapped by the social culture.