Video Mapping:

Based on the wall on Room 50, I and Jady made a simple two window video mapping looks like below:

Mapping from Fengyuan Zhu on Vimeo.

This is a animation, we simply made two parts with a gap for a projection work, in order to make a simple illusion with a “nothing but continuing image” work.

After reading feels

During my physics major undergraduate life, three parts attracted me most, one is Maxwell Equation, which described how simple rule it is to restrict all the electromagnetism phenomenon in our universe, the second one is Schrödinger‘s Equation, which provides the actual influence from observation towards results, reason and results, the third part is definitely relativity, to see if two systems are not relatively static, what will happen if these two systems trying to exchange physical information towards each other.

Because of the unchangeable light speed,  if system A is not static to system B, their observation and measurement towards any physical information will be different in the different system, because of a relatively different time in each system, and any description of physical information will based on that.

Back to the novel, personally I don’t like it. The word is beautiful, the article generate a feeling of mystery, the clue for Einstein’s discovery is somehow good, BUT, it is not any thinking related to what is “relatively”, none for what is physical information change, just like some basic, intuitive time illusion, with beautiful words, and add Einstein such that it looks pretty reasonable. It is dream, but just dream.

Museum Tour Feeling

I love the flat world, especially for the Boar’s Head, all the perspective, light in this picture are wrong, but you won’t feel anything strange, that’s feel is so good.

The early 360 degree video make me feel the truth of “everything big can generate a total different feelings even it is quite normal”. And since I hate (yes, hate) anything related to politically right, I won’t make any comment for the signal of 911.