Arcade Game — Save the States!

The final game video looks like that:

Basically, I set up a wireless game controller, to shoot the airplane and protect the states of Liberty

The hardware part is based on 9-axies staffs, xbee modules and arduino Uno. Since when you set-up something wireless, the Leonardo will lose its ability of HDI, so I use Java.awt.robot to simulate the behavior of mouse behavior. And set up the 9 axis before usage


Game is simple enough, just all the trigger event.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 6.18.41 PM

That’s it.

—-updated —

This week I made something with 9-axis sensor, with accelerometer, Gyroscope and magnascope inside. And I made this:

Though I can still use my arm to control the game, I found that since the Easter comes, why not just make everything with a easter style, to control a physical rabbit to pick upĀ Easter eggs

So in my design, it will be a base to put Arduino and sensor, and a hat to put a button

Download (PDF, 148KB)

Download (PDF, 118KB)