F for Fake — feelings after watching

In order to watch this documentary movie, I charged my hulu accounts. But after a while I found that this movie can be found in youtube, means that I paid 7 more dollars to activate my account.

I felt like being cheated, or a feeling of lose. But wait, why I would have such a feeling? That is the conflict among expectation, value and reality, just some feelings for some fake staffs.

As a non-native English speaker, I couldn’t catch every point that the elders showed during the movie, but I can feel the points like what is fake, what is reality. Why fake staffs exist, why people hate, or mostly think fake is bad. It actually is a conflict among expectation and reality, value and true value.

If we are on an aspect of non-human beings, everything happens in the earth is true, everything follows the basic physic rules, the difference of Picasso’s paints and mine just the different arrangement of colors and lines, every lies just some patterns of vibration. “Fake” and “Truth” actually just the results of our cognition, it is decided by our illusions, of a certain results of our culture and social.

And I love the UFO movie and the magic tricks during the movie, totally love them.