Analysis LOGO

Here I want to show you the LOGO of KFC, currently it looks like below:


This is quite elegant, attraction in visual aspect and quite kindly since the Mr. Kentucky looks quite kind here. And the cloth suits well with the background red, with the shape of the French-Fries Package. The Color is only like the colors belows, not strong, but quite looks like something related to meets. The Hierarchy is good, the icon is not so abstract but still quite symbolized.

屏幕快照 2015-10-01 01.26.03


But if we traced the history before, it looks quite different.


The First logo looks simple, but the typeface is hind-writing style, with a long, not so readable informations. The Mr. Kentucky is quite weird. Though he might want to make the tie unique, but it really looks like a strange legs and hands


In 1978, things get some changed. The typeface became more readable and tidy. The Mr.Kentucky looks thiner, with bigger beard and a change of smile. The tie became smaller, but still like legs and arms


The 1991 one finally changed the KFC instead of the long strange words, and applied Red as the main color. Here Mr.Kentucky looks quite weird, if we dig he out, the LOGO looks much better:

屏幕快照 2015-10-01 02.01.56


1997 is the style I know most, since when I’m a child, I spent several birthday parties in KFC, and that’s the KFC looks like. This is the first time Mr.Kentucky dressed his cloth, such that the tie will not be so like a small human(But still looks like somehow)


In 2006, Mr.Kentucky weared his apron, ended the topic of small legs and hands. The color of red changed into deeper, and the line in the apron looks just like the style of 1991.


Basically, we can find the trendency of the change in each period, more flatten, contract and changed a lot of hair and beard styles.

Design of my own LOGO

Inspired by KFC in 1952, here I want to make a logo like below:


But this is not a LOGO, I mean, not a LOGO with symbolized and abstracted information.  So I decided to make staffs more simple.

First I got a picture like that:


The scratch like that:

屏幕快照 2015-10-01 02.22.25

And the information I want to show just like:

  1. My name
  2. I’m in ITP

Thus I applied only black and white to create a abstract head based on AI, looks like the staffs below:

屏幕快照 2015-10-01 02.26.03

After cut down all the un-necessary staffs, I got my own image. The Typeface is Braggadocio, in order to make the words looks quite unity as the picture shows


And I make a fabrication like that, as a special name card.


I used want to do staffs like belows, but since the style of Fy and ITP are not so suitable together, I decided to waive that brands.

The ITP was based on the staffs belows:


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itp itp